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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Film Studies Concentration

20 Credits

This interdisciplinary concentration is designed to encourage students to explore film from multiple thematic, cultural and technical perspectives and provide an academic foundation in the study of film. Students who focus their studies in this concentration will gain critical analysis skills and gain knowledge and understanding of film studies and how films reflect both cultural values and directors’ visions and values. This concentration will support students as they pursue degrees and careers in diverse fields, and it can also be used as a basis for further studies at a four-year institution.

Students may choose to complete this concentration of study and have it posted to their transcript ONLY when the student successfully completes the Associate in Arts Degree, AA-DTA . Otherwise, courses taken will transfer to four-year universities on a course-by-course basis only.

Students are urged to consult with their Green River advisor to plan their programs of study. Students are also urged to consult with a representative from the university they plan to attend.

Contacts: Will Scott, ext. 4281 - wscott@greenriver.edu, Marcie Sims, ext. 4481 - msims@greenriver.edu

Required (5 credits)

Choose one of the following:


FILM 101 or FILM 120 may be applied to the additional 15 credits if not used in the required course.

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