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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

Graduation Information

Graduation Information

Office of the Registrar
(253) 288-3383

When students are two quarters away from completing their educational program, they should submit an Intent to Graduate form to the Office of the Registrar.

The Intent to Graduate form and detailed instructions are available at the Office of the Registrar or on the Office of the Registrar webpage online. Students may also run an Academic Advisement Report in ctcLink to track progress. To be eligible for graduation, students must have accomplished the following:

  • Completed all admissions requirements
  • Earned a minimum grade point average of 2.0
  • Completed 24 credits at Green River (doesn’t pertain to high school diploma or career/technical certificate candidates)
  • Completed all degree requirements as specified by the Green River catalog

Students may graduate using the degree requirements in effect during their first quarter of enrollment at Green River College for up to six years. After six years, students must meet the requirements listed in the current catalog. Students may petition the Degree Exception Committee with proof of continuous enrollment to be exempt from this requirement.

Students may complete program requirements at the end of any quarter.


Physical diplomas are mailed to the address provided on the Intent to Graduate form, once degree completion is notated on the official transcript. Duplicate copies are available for $20.00. 

Digital diplomas are sent, via email from Parchment, LLC to graduates after their physical diploma is mailed.


One commencement ceremony is held at the end of the academic year. Any student who has been approved for graduation during the academic year is eligible to participate in the June ceremony. Students who plan to complete their requirements during the following summer quarter may apply for graduation and participate in the ceremony. Participation in the commencement ceremony does not constitute graduation or completion of a program of study; graduation occurs only after a student meets all criteria. All diplomas will be mailed to students three to four weeks after grades are posted in the quarter in which they have completed their program.

For more information on Green River’s commencement ceremony, please visit greenriver.edu/commencement.

Degree Exception

Every student enrolled in a degree or certificate program at the college must meet the essential requirements of that program of study, as defined by the College catalog. A granted Degree Exception does not eliminate the required credit amount; it only substitutes a particular requirement. Exceptions to program of study requirements may be considered as long as the program of study’s academic integrity is maintained as voted on by the Degree Exception Committee. Course substitutions will be approved only when such substitutions are consistent with the essential requirements of the program of study. Course substitutions cannot be made for Direct Transfer Agreement degree requirements. Decisions made by the Degree Exception Committee are final.

The Degree Exception Committee meets twice during each of the fall, winter and spring quarters.

Graduation Awards

Academic Honors

Degree-level academic honors are bestowed as recognition of outstanding academic achievement at the completion of a two-year or four-year degree. Academic honors are determined based on the cumulative grade point average of all courses completed at Green River. A minimum of 24 credits must be graded (not pass/non-credit).

Graduates who achieve outstanding grade point averages are eligible to purchase honor regalia to wear at commencement and are recognized in the commencement program. All levels of honors will be noted on the diploma and Green River transcript.

Associate Degree Honor Status:
Highest Honors           3.9 - 4.0 GPA
High Honors 3.7 - 3.89 GPA  
Honors 3.5 - 3.69 GPA
Bachelor Degree Honor Status:
Summa Cum Laude    3.9 - 4.0 GPA
Magna Cum Laude 3.7 - 3.89 GPA  
Cum Laude 3.5 - 3.69 GPA
Dean’s List

Quarterly academic honors are bestowed as recognition of outstanding academic achievement at the completion of each quarter. The official Green River College record that a student has qualified for the Dean’s List is the notation on the student’s Green River College transcript. Dean’s List designations became available beginning in spring quarter 2020, and subsequent terms.

In order to qualify, a student must:

  • Be enrolled in a credential-seeking program (e.g., certificate, 2-year or 4-year degree);
  • Earn at least twelve (12) credits of graded course work, and
  • Earn a quarterly GPA of 3.50 or higher.

Students who qualify for the list will receive a congratulatory letter from the Dean of Student Affairs and a notation will be made on the student’s transcript.

Division Awards

Presented to a student who has exhibited exemplary academic contributions and success in an instructional division’s program.

Bachelor of Applied Science Program Awards

Presented to students who have exhibited exemplary academic contributions and success in a Bachelor of Applied Science program.

International Student Award

Presented to a student who has achieved academic excellence, demonstrated leadership qualities and made an outstanding contribution to the on-campus international environment.

Running Start Award

Presented to a Running Start student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and involvement with their community, while graduating with an Associate degree from Green River College.

Open Doors Award

Presented to an Open Doors student who has demonstrated outstanding perseverance and leadership while achieving their academic goal at Green River College.

President’s Award

Presented to a student who has exhibited academic success through outstanding citizenship, remarkable personal qualities and high academic achievement.

Core Value Awards