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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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WELD 107 - Basic Blueprint Reading

Credits: 3
A related subject for welding students to help prepare them for the demands of the industry. Covers alphabet of lines, orthographic and isometric drawings, shop prints and details of how to read them, standard measuring devices and their uses, structural materials (how they intersect and tie together) and welding symbols and their applications.

Enrollment Requirement: Instructor consent.

Course Outcomes:
Students who successfully complete this class will be able to:

  1. Identify and describe the significance of different lines, symbols, and views.
  2. Locate and explain the purpose of the title block content.
  3. Use typical measuring and scale methods to interpret and convert dimensions from blueprints.
  4. Create a bill of materials from reading a print. 
  5. Identify metals, welding processes, and sequences of operations from blueprints. 
  6. Determine tolerance variances from the blueprints.
  7. Weld from a blueprint.

Program Outcomes
  1. Work as an industry standard trade welder.
  2. Use multiple welding processes in all positions.
  3. Identify the cause and effect of various welding processes per welding procedure (WPS).
  4. Discuss basic theory of welding and the related equipment.
  5. Conform to AWS and WABO qualification procedures.



College-wide Outcomes

  • Responsibility - Responsibility encompasses those behaviors and dispositions necessary for students to be effective members of a community. This outcome is designed to help students recognize the value of a commitment to those responsibilities which will enable them to work successfully individually and with others.
  • Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning - Quantitative Reasoning encompasses abilities necessary for a student to become literate in today’s technological world. Quantitative reasoning begins with basic skills and extends to problem solving.

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