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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANTH& 216 - Northwest Coast Indians

Credits: 5
Covers the historical, ethnographic and informant sources of the Native American cultures of the Northwest Coast (a cultural area extending from southern Alaska to northern California with an internal boundary of the Cascade Mountains).

Prerequisite: Eligible for ENGL& 101 ; or instructor’s permission.

Satisfies Requirement: Social Science

Course Outcomes:
Students who successfully complete this class will be able to:

  1. Identify the geographical and tribal areas of the Northwest Coast.
  2. Identify the differences and commonalties among the Northwest Coast tribes.
  3. Discuss the archaeology and history of the region.
  4. Discuss the subsistence patterns, economic and social organization, kinship, art and religious beliefs of the Northwest Coast tribes.
  5. Discuss the impact of European and American contact and settlement for the Northwest Coast tribes.
  6. Identify the issues of contemporary concerns of the Northwest Coast tribes.

Program Outcomes
  1. Define the anthropological concept of cultural relativism.
  2. Identify the holistic perspective.

College-wide Outcomes
  • Responsibility - Responsibility encompasses those behaviors and dispositions necessary for students to be effective members of a community. This outcome is designed to help students recognize the value of a commitment to those responsibilities which will enable them to work successfully individually and with others.
  • Written Communication - Written Communication encompasses all the abilities necessary for effective expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas in written form.

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