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2017-2019 Catalog Addendum 
2017-2019 Catalog Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Aviation Technology - Commercial Pilot - Fixed Wing Pilot Option, AAS

98 Credits

The Commercial Pilot Degree program prepares students for entry level jobs as commercial pilots in the aviation industry. Flight programs require a commitment from students. Gaps in training should be avoided at all costs. Students should plan on flying at least twice per week. Students may enter the program at the beginning of any quarter and must possess a valid 2nd class medical (1st class preferred for students pursuing an ATP certificate) certificate prior to commencing flight training. These medical certificates are issued by Federal Aviation Administration designated medical examiners. In addition all students must meet the requirements of the FAA under CFR Title 14, Part61.123.

The student will be responsible for attending the scheduled flight lesson. Any missed appointments will be handled individually per the flight schools policies. Students who fail a flight course due to poor attendance will not be allowed to retake the course. Any cancellations beyond the control of the student and flight school (i.e. weather, aircraft mechanical problems) will be discussed with Green River’s faculty to determine if any violation of policies has occurred.

If a student is unable to complete the class within the academic schedule for the registered quarter as shown in the published class schedule, the student must bring this problem to the attention of the flight school staff and Green River’s faculty, as this may affect future funding for subsequent classes. If student is found not progressing at a normal rate, a meeting between the flight school instructor and Green River’s faculty will occur to determine the cause of the problem and possible solution. Student will be expected to address any possible problems regarding flight training with Green River’s faculty as soon as possible. Cancellations must be made in advance of the scheduled time. Students will make every effort to cancel flight and ground lessons per the respective flight school’s policy. No-shows will result in the aircraft and/or flight instructor being released 15 minutes into the scheduled time. The student will be responsible for the cost of the lesson scheduled.

The student will have to complete the class within the academic schedule for the quarter in which the student registers. The student must complete this class satisfactorily before he/she can sign up subsequent flight classes in the degree program. Each flight class can be failed once, in the event the student fails two flight classes resulting in two “F’s,” he/she will no longer be allowed to continue in the flight program.

In the case where a student gets an “I” the “incomplete” can only be carried over for thirty days, after which if the course requirements are not completed, the “incomplete” will become an “F”. Per the Veteran’s Administration, an “Incomplete” is only given in the case of weather and mechanical cancellations.

Incompletes may also be given for extreme circumstances, other than weather and mechanicals, and maybe considered on a case by case basis. Final grades for the flight class will be based on the individual class grading policies stated in the class syllabus.

Contact: Jerry Wolfe, ext. 4339 - jwolfe@greenriver.edu

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