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2017-2019 Catalog Addendum 
2017-2019 Catalog Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Natural Resources-Forest Resource Management, BAS

186 Credits

The Bachelors of Applied Science in Forest Resource Management degree prepares students to directly enter employment in several Natural Resources areas. By developing academic skills in mathematics, science, English, humanities, and natural resource courses, the student can apply directly for jobs in natural resources management, forest engineering, water quality or wildlife biology.

Track 1: Sampling and Assessment

Track 2: Forestry Operations

Entry Requirements:

To enter this program, students must have completed a minimum of a two-year associate degree in forestry or related field. Students must consult a Natural Resources instructor for advising for this degree.
Students must attain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

Contacts: Monica Priebe, ext. 4509 - mpriebe@greenriver.edu, Chuck Wytko, ext. 4590 - cwytko@greenriver.edu


General Education Requirements (60 credits)

Mathematics (5 credits)

Natural Science: (10 credits)

Ten credits of any Natural Science List A or List B courses from AA-DTA  degree with a minimum of 5 credits from List A.

Suggested courses include:

Humanities (20 credits)

Twenty credits of any Humanities courses from the AA-DTA  degree.

Social Science (10 credits)

Any course that satisfies a Social Science requirement in the AA-DTA  degree Credits: 10


Students must complete 70 credits for Track 1 Sampling and Assessments and 69 credits for Track 2 Forestry Operations from the Associate degrees or equivalent credits in a forestry-related field courses to total 186 credits.