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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog
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TS 20 - Transitional Studies Academic Orientation and Planning

Credits: 1-8
In this class, you’ll make connections with classmates, teachers, and staff. You’ll explore available resources and prepare to transition to college programs. Building on your own strengths and support systems, we will develop academic and career goals, personal wellness strategies, and college readiness skills. Find yourself at Green River! This is a pass/no credit course.

Enrollment Requirement: Instructor consent.

Course Outcomes:
Students who successfully complete this class will be able to:

  1. Set meaningful educational and career goals.
  2. Demonstrate college success skills.
  3. Navigate and utilize the Internet for college and career purposes.
  4. Make use of the resources available to support your program and career success.

Program Outcomes
Demonstrate the skills necessary for successful transition to college credit courses and/or living wage employment.

College-wide Outcomes

  • Written Communication - Written Communication encompasses all the abilities necessary for effective expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas in written form.

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