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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog
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TS 57 - TS Problem Solving for Math HS Equivalency 2

Credits: 5-8
Study of properties and terminology of real numbers, absolute value, simplifying algebraic expressions, integer exponents, graphing and solving linear equations and inequalities, unit analysis, ratios, rates, and proportions, solving systems of equations, factoring and performing operations on polynomial expressions, Pythagorean Theorem, functions, and applications. Course requires a graphing calculator.

Enrollment Requirement: TS 56  with a grade of 2.5 or higher; or appropriate placement; or high school transcript evaluation; and instructor consent. Recommended: Eligible for READ 104 .

Course Fee: $3.00

Course Outcomes:
Students who successfully complete this class will be able to:

  1. Read, write, and interpret a variety of common mathematical information about:
  • Find real solutions for linear equations using tables, graphs, and algebra
  • Simplify expressions involving integer exponents
  • Simplify, add, subtract, and multiply polynomials
  • Factor polynomial equations
  • Graph linear equations
  • Use functions in the form of graphs, tables, and linear equations
  • Solve systems of linear equations
  • Solve linear inequalities with one variable

Program Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate college-ready level reading, writing, digital literacy, and communication skills in social studies, literature, and science.
  2. Demonstrate competency in college-ready level mathematics.
  3. Demonstrate the skills necessary for successful transition to college credit courses and/or living wage employment.

College-wide Outcomes
  • Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning - Quantitative Reasoning encompasses abilities necessary for a student to become literate in today’s technological world. Quantitative reasoning begins with basic skills and extends to problem solving.

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