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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Associate in Fine Arts, AFA

Minimum of 103 Credits

The Associate in Fine Arts degree is generally pursued by students who plan to transfer to a four-year university. However, completion of this degree does not guarantee admission as an art major. This degree offers students a broad foundation in advanced education or a career in Art.

In order to be granted the Washington state Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA), students must apply for the Associate in Arts Degree, AA-DTA  as well as the AFA at the time of graduation.

A portfolio highlighting the student’s best work completed at Green River College, emphasizing originality, facility, and exploration is highly recommended. Portfolio presentation is usually the determining factor in acceptance for Fine Arts major, and this degree provides the structure for the preparation of a strong portfolio.

To earn this degree, students must complete a minimum of 103 quarter credits in courses numbered 100 or higher (from approved distribution list below) and meet specific distribution requirements. No more than 25 percent of credit requirements may be taken on a pass/no-credit basis. Students should be aware that courses with “Pass” grades may not satisfy the requirements in their major field. Students must attain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and earn a minimum of 24 credits at Green River College.

Students are responsible for knowing transfer requirements and policies, as well as specific course choices and GPA requirements, and are urged to consult the catalog of the institution for which they plan to transfer.

This degree can lead to a large number of career possibilities, some of which may include what you find at the right. The majority of these jobs require a bachelor’s degree and this degree can assist you with earning that bachelor’s degree.

Use the Career and Program Explorer  page to explore more details about the occupations.”

1. Basic Skills (15 credits)

Any course used to satisfy Basic Skills distribution may not be used to satisfy any other portion of the Associate in Fine Arts degree requirements.

A. Communication Skills (10 credits)

Courses in this area support the written communication learning outcome.


* MATH& 171, MATH& 172, and MATH& 173 does not satisfy this requirement at the University of Washington.

** Students who have taken PHIL& 120 before Fall 2013, must also take MATH 097 (or higher) and pass with a grade of 2.0 or higher; or have appropriate Math placement of MATH& 107 or higher)

2. Humanities/Fine Arts/English (15 Credits)

15 credits from three separate areas.

Choose 10 credits from the following:

5 credits from Art 212, 213, 214, or 240 AND 5 credits from Photo 101 or 111.

Choose 5 credits from following:

Courses that fulfill the diversity course requirement may also be used to fulfill a distribution requirement. See Diversity Course List  for a complete list of courses satisfying the diversity course requirement.

3. Social Science (15 credits)

Minimum 15 credits from three separate areas or minimum 15 credits from two separate areas with a 200-level course required within the two course emphasis from the Social Science Distribution . Courses that fulfill the diversity course requirement may also be used to fulfill a distribution requirement. See Diversity Section for a complete list of courses satisfying the diversity course requirement.

4. Natural Science (15 credits)

Select any three courses from at least two separate areas of Natural Science Distribution  courses. Ten credits must be from List A, including a minimum of 5 credits from lab sciences. The additional 5 credits can be from List A or List B. courses designated with Ⓛ symbol, must be included.

5. Specific Requirements (43 credits)

List B-Art Electives (23 credits)

Class selection can depend on if a student wants to pursue a concentration (listed below). Otherwise, students are required to choose a minimum of 23 credits from the following:


* Students cannot use this course if previously taken under a different category in the AFA degree.

6. Diversity Requirement (1 course)

A minimum of one course from the Diversity Course List  must be taken to satisfy the diversity requirement. In most cases, a courses often also satisfy other distribution areas.

Optional Concentrations of Study

Students may choose to complete one or more concentrations of study below and have it posted to their transcript only when the student successfully completes the AA-DTA and/or AFA degree. Students are urged to consult their advisor to plan their program of study.

Transferability of Credits

Green River College is fully accredited. Academic courses will usually be accepted by other institutions offering the same (or similar) courses. However, each institution has its own transfer policies and each student is responsible for knowing the transfer and admission requirements of the receiving institution. Students are urged to consult with their advisor and a representative from the college they plan to attend after Green River.