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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Mechanical Computer-Aided Design, AAS

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98-102 Credits

Students develop experience in board drafting and computer-aided drafting (CAD). This program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to develop working drawings and electronic simulations in support of mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, and related professionals. Individuals learn to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in support of engineers engaged in the design and development phases of a wide variety of projects involving mechanical systems. This includes instruction in principles of mechanics, applications to specific engineering systems, design testing procedures, rapid prototyping and 3-D printing. Students will also become familiar with manufacturing materials and processes, mechanical drafting, basic hydraulic and electronic schematics, basic metallurgy, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, blueprint reading and technical communication.

Students will learn to use 2-D orthographic and 3-D modeling based on Boolean generated and “feature based” solid modeling, including 3-D scanned data points and photogrammetry based geometry. Programs used include AutoCAD, Solidworks, Mastercam, Fusion 360, along with experience with Navisworks and ReCap photo.

Contact: Terry Waagan, 253-288-5549 - twaagan@greenriver.edu or CAD-design@greenriver.edu

Program Website: CAD-Design and Engineering Technology | https://www.greenriver.edu/students/academics/degrees-programs/cad-design/

Program Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete this program will be able to:

  1. Identify, solve, and apply engineering principles and calculations relevant to a design project.
  2. Apply computer and engineering office software for documentation, communication and approval within an engineering office environment.
  3. Apply current ASME Y14.5, machining and AWS symbology for industry production and documentation.
  4. Create accurate solid model computer files to output designs to 2-D documentation, 3-D printing, and CNC machines, using feature based solid modeling or Boolean based construction methods.

Related Instruction Requirements (16-20 credits)

Satisfies related instruction requirements.

Written Communication (5 credits)

Choose one of the following:

Oral Communications (3-5 credits)

Choose one of the following:

Computation (5 credits)

Choose one of the following:


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