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2017-2019 Catalog Addendum 
2017-2019 Catalog Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Practical Nursing, AAS

105 Credits

This degree program prepares a student to provide safe and efficient nursing care. Health facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and public health nursing services employ practical nurses under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician.

The Practical Nursing program is a 105 credit program in which students must demonstrate academic proficiency by completing basic curriculum requirements prior to entry into the core sequence of nursing classes. A high school diploma or GED is required. A minimum grade of 2.5 or higher is required in each nursing and supporting course. Evidence of academic proficiency is established by completion of each of the following prerequisite requirements with a 2.5 grade or higher.

The following courses are required prior to applying into the Practical Nursing program:

The student is expected to provide his/her own transportation to off-site clinical facilities that at times can be 50 or more miles away. In addition to paying for tuition and books, the student is required to purchase a uniform, pin, white shoes, watch, bandage, scissors, and liability and health insurance. In order to attend clinical rotations, students must also successfully pass both a criminal and a Washington State Department of Social and Health Services background check. For additional information about a required nursing orientation and the application procedure, contact the Health Occupations Advisor in Career and Advising Center, at ext. 2641.

Upon successful completion of the required credits, the student will earn an Associate in Applied Science degree in Practical Nursing. The graduate will be eligible to take the licensing examination and upon passing, practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Application for LPN licensure asks for information regarding legal convictions, and drug/alcohol and addiction conditions that may inhibit nursing practice. For additional questions on this issue, contact the Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission. The program is fully accredited by the Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Contacts: KaraLynn LaValley, ext. 6882, klavalley@greenriver.edu or Lisa Nelson, ext. 4215, anelson@greenriver.edu

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